Weapon (longsword), unique (requires attunement)

This longsword’s blade is made from a unique blending of three different types of metals, creating a quite unique weld pattern. The blade does not have a fuller, but does have three lines of runes scrolling along both sides. The center line on both sides has a series of runes in the middle that are larger than the others. A large and singularly unique V rune occupies the ricasso on both sides of the blade.The grip of the sword is well polished bronzewood. The pommel and guard appear to be gold, but is magically strengthened. The tips of the guard are shaped into sledge hammer heads.

 The runes are Suloise, and are runes of destruction, offense, power, and strength. The larger runes on each side reads Sunderer. The V rune is a Suloise rune for victory.

 Even if you are not attuned to the sword you gain a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls made with it, and the weapon is counted as if it were made of adamantine, and deals bludgeoning, piercing or slashing, whichever is best at the time.
 If you are attuned to the sword, when you attack a construct or object, you deal an additional 2d8 weapon damage to it, or an additional 2d10 if wielded two-handed. You score a critical against constructs and objects on a 19-20, and the additional damage is doubled as well (for a total of 4d8 or 4d10 respectively).
 If you use the sword against an object with a damage threshold, it is only half its value against this weapon, or is totally ignored if you score a critical.
Sunder. As an action, when you attack an unattended and inanimate object, you can automatically score a critical that deals maximum damage.
 Alternatively, if you use this abiliuty against an object that can be busted down through brute force, you may instead make a Strength (Athletics) check with a +5 bonus to the check and advantage. Doors, gates, portcullis and the like are no barrier to Sunderer.


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