Cursed Magic Item Rules

Cursed Magic Items
Some magic items bear curses that bedevil their users sometimes long after a user has stopped using an it. A magic item’s description specifies whether the item is cursed. Most methods of identifying items, including the identify spell, fail to reveal such a curse, although ore might hint at it. A curse should be a surprise to the item’s user when the curse’s effects are revealed.

Attunement to A Curse Item
Sometimes picking up a cursed item automatically attunes it to a character, which can be a sign that something is wrong. Using the item in its intended manner (using a cursed longsword to attack someone, even in practice or trying on a suit of cursed items or even putting on a cursed ring for example) attunes the item to a character as well.

Attunement to a cursed item can’t be ended voluntarily unless the curse is broken first, such as with the remove curse spell.

Strong Curse
Some magic items possess a strong curse. These curses make it quite hard for the wielder to remove the curse, as they are deluded into believing nothing is wrong, and cannot be talked into getting help, no matter how logical the argument might be. They will even refuse healing from an ally if they think they might try to cast remove curse on them.

Possessive Curse
Some magic items possess a possessive curse. These curses simply make the wielder strongly possessive of the item, not wanting to have it even out of hands reach, and certainly will not give it up to anyone.


Cursed Magic Item Rules

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