Unholy Vengeance

Weapon (longsword), unique

This is a nasty looking single-edged serrated longsword.

 Hit points lost to this weapon’s damage can be regained only through a short or long rest, rather than by regeneration, magic, or any other means.

Wound. Once per turn, when you hit a creature with an attack with Unholy Vengance, you can wound the target. At the start of each of the wounded creature’s turns, it takes 1d4 necrotic damage for each wound it possesses and can then make a DC 14 +1 for each wound __Constitution saving throw, ending the effect of all such wounds on itself on a success. Alternatively, the wounded creature, or a creature within 5 feet of it, can use an action to make a DC 14 +1 per wound Wisdom (Medicine) check, ending the effect of such wounds on it on a success.

Unholy Vengeance

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